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Call for Papers: Focus Issue on Audience Research and Media Management

As the competitive environment in which media industries operate continues to evolve, audience research and its relationship to media management are also undergoing dramatic change. New technologies and approaches for gathering information about media audiences are introducing a new range of analytical approaches as advertisers, dissatisfied with the effectiveness of traditional measurements in today’s multiplatform environment, reconsider the criteria for determining audience value and explore a host of new performance metrics. As new media technologies facilitate consumption and behavioral patterns that were impossible just a few years ago, understanding media audiences and establishing effective measures for valuing them that are acceptable to both firms dependent on advertising revenues and to marketers remains fundamental to success in today’s media marketplace.

These are the subjects that this special issue seeks to address. Specific topics of relevance to this special issue include:
• The ways in which audience behavior is changing in the new media environment – and the
• implications of these changes for media managers
• How new analytical approaches and new tools for analyzing audience behavior can be used to
generate new strategic insights into media audiences
• How audience-generated content and new forms of audience interactivity affect contemporary
audience research
• The technical and methodological challenges associated with measuring audience behavior on
new media platforms
• The evolving role of audience research in the management of media organizations • The competitive dynamics of the audience measurement industry
• The policy implications surrounding the deployment of new audience measurement systems
• The uses of audience research in policymaking contexts

Authors are encouraged to submit their work for considerations via the journals on-line submission system For full submission details, please go to Journal’s home page and click on “About – Submissions”.
Submission deadline: August 25, 2011.
You are also welcome to express the intention to submit by sending an email to by June 15, 2011. The expression of interest is completely optional and does not constrain the submission of manuscripts.