Call for Papers

Many media organizations have responded to digital convergence and the growth of the Internet by migrating towards a multi-platform approach to production and distribution of content. But what a multi-platform strategy actually entails in terms of the sorts of media products and services being supplied, the combination of delivery platforms being used, the nature of the economic opportunities being pursued and the level of investment and experimentation involved varies widely. Likewise, the extent to which the migration of media companies towards multi-platform production and distribution has engendered improvements in the management and cost-effective exploitation of media resources appears to vary from any one firm, sector and region to another. At a time of concern about how incumbent media organizations can adjust successfully to advancing technology, this special issue seeks to draw together scholarly work that contributes to a fuller analytical understanding of the use and potential advantages of multi-platform strategies in the context of a rapidly evolving media ecology.

Specific topics of relevance to this special issue and upon which the editors invite submissions based on empirical research include:

• How multi-platform strategies are changing editorial approaches to production and/or distribution across the media and in specific sectors such as print and video/television;
• The ways in which a multi-platform approach affects changes in the organization of work or in distribution of resources by media firms;
• The opportunities created by distribution across multiple digital platforms to understand and serve audience demands more effectively and how audience demand is measured;
• The technological, managerial and regulatory challenges surrounding multi-platform delivery;
• The impact of multi-platform strategies on the nature of media content and on diversity and policy questions that might arise in consequence.

Authors are encouraged to submit their work for consideration via the journals on-line submission system For full submission details, please go to Journal’s home page and click on “About – Submissions”.

Submission deadline: 15 June, 2013.

You are also welcome to express the intention to submit by sending an email to by June 1, 2013. The expression of interest is completely optional and does not constrain the submission of manuscripts